3.2 Released

We've created a new version of MCG and released it to the Mac App Store. We did a little work on the performance of loading files but we've mostly concentrated on a few issues that have been reported and bringing the user interface up to date.

  • User interface update.
  • Added support for compressed callgrind files.
  • Added support for files over 3GB.
  • General bug fixes.

Language support

MCG parses most callgrind files but has specific syntax highlighting and markup for those working with PHP (Xdebug), Ruby or Python. We provide highlighting for includes, language and application functions. With icon markup for functions, class method and instance methods you'll be able to find the function you're looking for in no time.

Or just use our built in function search to jump directly to the function you're interested in.

Hierarchy display

If the callgrind file is in a specific format, we go one further and give you a full call hierarchy. Currently supported in Xdebug files, MCG can help you nail the performance issue you have with one of the world's favourite web scripting languages.

Graphs, graphs and more graphs

MCG ships with a number of graphs to help you visualise what your application is doing. Find out if you're spending all your time in language or application functions, what classes are taking the brunt of the work and specifically which functions in those classes.

MCG helps you target the functions you need to be high performing by identifying code for performance regression testing.

What our customers say

"Great app.

— Modi34

"A client came to me with CPU spike causing traffic delays. The sysadmin hooked up xdebug and profiled some stuff during these spikes, but they couldn't make heads or tails of it. Your software allowed me to bill a couple hours I wouldn't have -- so the software paid for itself as soon as it downloaded.

Ben Curtis

Supported languages

  • php
  • ruby
  • python
  • perl